"Local politics made easy"


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01 - Planning

Starting with the User

A go-to platform for engaging in local politics

We identified pain-points for an individual who is trying to engage with local politicians about a concern. We created user stories to map the possible paths through the product.

Using this models as our generic user, we generated ideas about what functionality would be essential for the product.

02 - The Sollution

Scalable web-app platform

Multi-language access

Built on Ruby on Rials with a ProstgreSQL as a datbase, the product is an app that users can access through the browser. This allows for easy mobile access without download.

As a trial the product is being launched in Barcelona and is available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

03 - UX & testing

User-friendly Design

Making local politics smart and simple

A simple design and light user-interface allows makes the platform approachable.
Users can easily connect with local politicans, share content through social media and search issues by locality.